The best matte palette


I know that probably all of you already know what’s on the picture here.

On the left is the Tartelette Amazonian Clay Matte palette and on the right is Kat Von D Shade Light Eye Contour Palette.

What’s the similarity of these two?

  1. They’re both an all matte palette
  2. The colors in the palette are pretty similar, but the I gotta say that the tartelette palette is leaning to the cool side with pops of plummy purple tone while the Kat Von D one is straight up basic eyeshadow tone ( shades of brown and black)
  3. They’re both are very pigmented, buttery smooth and really soft texture (except the black one in Kat Von D, I feel it’s drier in texture and formula so I prefer the black on Tartelette one)
  4. They’re both amazing palette that’s easy to blend without making the color faded when it’s blended to other color. There’re some reviews saying that the Tartelette one is hard to blend, but for me it isn’t. If you’re being nitpicky, yes it will need just a little more effort to blend but that’s acceptable for all matte eyeshadow

Who will like this palette?

  1. Matte eyeshadow lover (duh…I need to be more creative)
  2. Cool tone lover – this is my personal opinion, the Kat Von D one will probably can create some warm color but not so much. So if you’re a warm eyeshadow lover then probably you can’t maximize these 2 palette as much as cool tone lover. I personally love the purple tone in Tartelette so much.
  3. Hooded eye – well, what can I say, I have hooded eye (my right eye is very hooded) so matte eyeshadow helps me a lot to create depth and dimension on my eyes

All in all, it’s just make up so it’s not about the recommendation or not about what beauty guru says but it’s about your personal preference. These two just happened to be the best matte eyeshadow palette for me. If you have other suggestion or opinion on other matte palette, please drop me a note or two đŸ™‚

Peace Out!


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