The Hallelujah Mountain is Real

Remember that epic movie “Avatar” with the blue creatures and Hallelujah Mountains?
Yes that mountains is real.
Located in Zhang Jia Jie(张家界)in Hunan Province, China
It’s a vast area of National Park that will need at least 2 days to explore all the amazing spots with breathtaking taking view everywhere.

I went there back in 2013, and it was winter so the hike and walk were not so bad. Besides, once you reach the peak with this stunning view, all the long walk feel soooo much worth it.

There’s no way that you can visit all spot in one day, therefore the ticket price is varies from 1-day pass to 3-day pass. There is map given to explore the “park” comfortably.

A side note though, it will be very helpful if you have basic Chinese knowledge as not all directions are available in English, and as Hunan is relatively small province, don’t expect people in the area to be able to speak English.


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