Will I stop buying makeup?

This is not a surprise question given to women who love makeup. Either it comes from her friends, family and even the significant other (at least mine did), this question must have popped up at one point of time.

So why do I decide to put a limit (or even a stop) on my makeup purchase and when?

The reason is as simple as my other reason on this blog. Travel.

Yes, I wanna be able to travel around again soon, so instead of spending hundreds of dollars to buy makeup, I can use that to have a road trip 😀

As an average reasonable person, I have to admit that I have an “addiction” to makeup too, and I do realize that. One thing to add, I also realize that at some point I gotta stop too. But the next question now is when?

Then I came up with these idea


1. Browse around your makeup “must have” – this includes the one you want, cause we all know it’s never a need 😉 put it in your cart (Sephora, Ulta, or whatever website it is)

2. Read and watch reviews about your wish list (preferably not from big youtuber beauty guru). This way you can get more opinion from others who’s been using it objectively and not just for commercial reason only.

3. Check on your collection and compare it. My biggest addiction are eyeshadow palette and lipstick but believe it or not, you will always reach to the similar tone or color for that stuff. This is what I learn from some decluttering video as well. I’ll post more on “What I Want in My Makeup Collection”

4. Determine what do you “want and need” to have. For example, I’ve been ‘examining’ Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance Palette, and compare it to Huda Beauty (WANT). Next step I did was to check on the colors, finish and formula. They are both pretty, well known brand and have similar color tone, but the ABH Modern Renaissance for me is more wearable and more “neutral” and I’m not a fan of chunky glittery eyeshadow (NEED)

5. Sort your cart, and watch for SALE time. After a thorough research, you will know which product that’s really worth the money or it’s just another hype. Unless you’re a makeup artist, professional beauty blogger, or you make money from buying all the makeup in store, I think we can all agree that makeup shopping is overwhelming and sometimes make you wonder “how and why did I buy this? or “What was I thinking when I get this?”

So the answer to the title above is YES, I will stop buying make up when the products that I see as a MUST HAVE are all nicely stationed in my vanity desk. YES it means I won’t have a vanity with the collection as big as what Sephora have, but hey I love my makeup as my private collection, not as public display or to gain people’s praise that my collection is GOAL.

Share your thoughts on this matter, agree, disagree? all comments are welcome



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