Which Makeup You Should Get at the Drugstore?

Don’t get me wrong, I love to splurge on high end product because the quality is just up there. When articles say something is a dupe what I keep in mind is that it’s a dupe in color, but not necessarily the product formula.

Then, what product do I prefer to get in the drugstore? I’ll list it down below and I’ll tell you why I choose to grab these items when I do my grocery shopping.

  • Eyeliner – Yes I do looove Kat Von D tatoo liner, and my favorite eyeliner is my Chanel Duo Eyeliner, and because I already have them for a long time and I know how this two eyeliner work. I use them on special occassion (the chanel one) and the Kat Von D is used on certain look when I need super sharp thin liner and need it to stay put and not smeared for at least 4 hours. But, if you’re a fan of eyeliner and use it everyday, then drugstore brand is the heaven for it and they do really have stepped up their game. I switch my Bobbi brown gel liner to L’oreal gel liner, and having maybelline eye studio liner is really a great save on budget. Rimmel kohl waterproof eyeliner in black, brown and nude are my everyday hang out friend.
  • Eyebrow product- Who doesn’t know when it comes to eyebrow, the first thing that pop up in your mind is Anastasia Beverly Hills brow whiz, brow definer, brow pomade? Yes it is a really awesome brand and awesome product, but if you are someone who need to do your eyebrow each and every day, how many brow whiz and definer you need in a month? well, at least 1 and it cost $23 while the drugstore one is 8.99 so go figure 
  • Makeup sponge – The more often you apply your foundation, concealer, or even powder, you will need to change your makeup sponge more often. Having the original beauty blender is a thing and it seems to be a must have item for everyone
  • Seasonal color eyeshadow – I’m guilty as charge on this one. I have problem when it comes to eyeshadow palette so it’s quite often that I bought a full palette just because of one color in it. But, when I found my senses (which is very very very rare) I really think that if you only like certain color in a palette or only using certain color on certain season, a single eyeshadow or quad from the drugstore is a wiser option. L’oreal Infallible eyeshadow was the one that put some senses to my head. Or (even if I’m not a fan) Colourpop with its super wide range of color choice can be a better option for you.

So, those are my opinion on the item to get in the drugstore

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