Palette Explorer : Juvias Place – Masquerade Mini Palette

Why do I get This?

I bought this palette because I was disappointed of the Urban Decay Full Spectrum palette. I ended up return it to Ulta. (review about the Full Spectrum palette here) As a replacement of finding colorful palette to play with, I heard about Juvias Place few months ago but wasn’t really paying attention then, I came across this palette again from someone post in Instagram and really drawn to it. At the back of my head, why do I need another colorful palette? But I just can’t help myself, looking at those jewel tones, especially the blue, purple and green, makes me impulsively add it to cart and checkout (again, no self control at all =D )

First Impression

This palette is stunningly beautiful. I ordered it online on Friday, then it arrived on Wednesday so it’s pretty quick, I’m impressed.


First time I saw the box, I thought it’s a really unique packaging in pretty bright fuschia with a very artistic (for me) African theme image. When I saw the colors inside, I can say I was really surprised, they’re all so vibrant and insanely pretty (maybe I’m biased cause these tones are my favorite haha..) After that, of course I couldn’t help myself not to do finger swatch. Girl, the colors pigmentation is out of this world. Awesome. I don’t regret to kiss the Full Spectrum palette goodbye.

Palette Review

For total price of 31.62 (palette is $25.87-10% off with code 2017 in the website, and $5.75 for shipping) this palette is really awesome and the quality is just as good if not better than some other more expensive palette.

I bought the mini one, but there’s nothing mini about it. This palette is bigger than Tartelette Amazonian Clay Matte Palette. The round pans insides are bigger than Kat Von D metal rows pan. I’m not so concern about price per gram for any of my palettes, but I feel this palette really worth the price.


You get 16 colors of eye shadow with the colorful tones on the top 2 rows and the last 2 rows are your neutral color (leaning to warm tones). Most of the colors here are satin/sheen finish, but you do have some matte on the neutral rows. Claiming as “… a cosmetic brand providing you with the most rich, vibrant and highly pigmented essential colors of life…” they really live up to their claim on their website. All the colors in this palette are crazily pigmented, there’s no need to press it at all, just a finger swipe and you can get the color just like what you see in the palette.


First time I’m using it, I just washed my face and put moisturizer on. No foundation, no eye primer, no face primer, and holly molly this eye shadow stays put beautifully. I can say that this is love at the first swipe. Of course, I just couldn’t put one eye look because the colors are too irresistible so, two different eye looks at once =D

Final Finding (4 out of 5)

  1. Pigmentation is great! It applies very well even without any primer or any foundation on my face. This palette pigmentation is very comparable to Kat Von D Metal Matte Palette (which I can say my best buy palette of 2016).
  2. Texture is a little dry, not butter soft but still smooth, not powdery at all. This really reminds me of Urban Decay shimmer shadow in naked palettes. I notice very little fallout, but not a problem at all for me
  3. Blendability Really easy to blend without being blend away. Colors blend together very well but not losing it’s original color
  4. Longevity It stays put, doesn’t budge, doesn’t smear (again, even without any primer or base)
  5. Stand Alone Definitely yes. You get matte shadows here, and even for me with hooded eyes, the shimmer here are very forgiving. I usually will always avoid shimmer or sheen shadow for my crease because it will accentuate my hood, but the colors here are so easy to manipulate not to expose it. The color choice is amazing and very versatile. For light skin color, the colors will really show up, for deeper skin tone this palette will work just as fine.

At the end, I highly recommend this palette. I’m pretty sure that this palette is one of the products that I know I will enjoy using it a lot

If you have this palette, or plan to buy it let me know in the comment section below.

One more thing, try to get coupon code for your purchase since they only offer free shipping for $100 purchase. Never hurt to save some coins up

Peace out!

21 thoughts on “Palette Explorer : Juvias Place – Masquerade Mini Palette

  1. Great review! I’m pretty happy I didn’t go for the Full Spectrum palette. I was in love with it for so long. It’s actually on sale right now at Ulta but I opted for NYX’s Ultimate Brights palette for even cheaper. Hope its a good buy!


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