YouTube Saga: Beauty Guru vs Drama Channel

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Let’s breakaway from makeup things for a little bit, shall we?


I believe y’all know or at least once have come across one of these channels on YouTube, whether it’s the beauty channel or the drama channel. Today, I would like to share a little thought of mine here on how I see these channels. I love watching makeup tutorial videos, doesn’t matter who made the video, but if you ask do I support the YouTuber who made the tutorial? Well, it’s not always the case.

Channel suggestion for makeup tutorial: Jaclyn Hill, Kandee Johnson, Melissa Alatorre, Denitslava, Shonagh Scott

Channel suggestion for makeup review: Emilynoel83, Rachhloves, Stephanie Nicole, Jenluvsreviews

Do I watch drama channel? Yes, I do and with proud I’ll say I enjoy it as much as I enjoy watching that beauty channels. Who wouldn’t love a little drama in their life?

Channel suggestion for “drama”: HereForTheTea, Rich Lux, John Kuckian, Karina Kaboom

Here are my views and thought on these two channels :

  1. Beauty Guru as the “celebrities”, drama channel as the TMZ

Just like the celebrity on TV has TMZ, YouTube has these drama channels. Let’s just say that the content creators of the drama channels are the paparazzi. Well, sometimes the viewer or subscriber are the source of the ‘news’ and ain’t nothing wrong with that.

Are all drama channels objective? Maybe not, because this channel belong to a person who runs it well their personal views are heavily influence the style of their reporting, these drama channels may also have their preference on who they support. On the other hand, the ‘’celebrities” on YouTube can also give their exclusive interview to certain drama channel that they want too.

Can drama channel be a reliable source of information? Definitely. It depends on how you can filter and choose what information that you would like to get out of a channel. If you choose wisely, you can even get more information that you didn’t think exist before. I do appreciate the channels who do their research to show all the “receipts” instead of just talking with no proof.

  1. Check and Balance

Nothing against freedom of speech, freedom of expression or whatsoever, but there should always be a check and balance in everything. The government, the celebrity have the news channels, TMZ, infotainment to report on what their doing, so does this YouTube beauty gurus (and other YouTube channels) People can freely express their self yes, but to some extent there should also be a warning that what you express may have gone too far or off the rail, and here is what a drama channel is all about (at least the way I see it)

Another thing to keep in mind is, whether they are Beauty Guru or a Drama Channel content creator they’re all human, they can do wrong, they can say wrong. Can the Beauty Guru call out the drama channel? Well of course they can, it’s their channel, they can say whatever they want. But when there’s action of course there will be reaction whether it is positive or negative. When you put your thought out there it means you’re ready to let people know and when people don’t react the way you want them to be then you have to be ready for that too.

  1. All in all, it’s all just another form of entertainment

The world is already in chaos, lots of hatred and uproar happening around us. Sometimes I wonder why people are so bothered with what’s happening on one channel when they’re watching the drama channel that is talking about the beauty channel they like? People fight on the comment section, saying bad things to each other, talking ill to people that you don’t even know and what’s all that for? For me it’s all an entertainment, seeing other people’s view and thought is something you can learn from. there’s no need to feel bad when you know your beauty guru isn’t always telling you everything and you found that out from the drama channel. That doesn’t mean that the beauty guru is now bad, but at least you learn that there’s always another side of a story.

Just remember, you have the power on your finger not to watch it if you know you won’t like to hear bad things about your favorite beauty guru, why don’t you just not watching that video instead of leaving bad comments and feel offended when people comment back? But then again, that’s where the entertainment at 😀 The comment sections are where all real drama happening.

  1. They actually need each other

Believe it or not, these drama channels are benefit from the beauty gurus channel, and also the other way around. There will be no drama to report should these beauty gurus or big YouTubers don’t do anything, on the other hand, the “reported” channels might get boost on their views because of what the drama channels say. (I never know who Tana Mongeau or Kim Thai is before her name brought up by the drama channels haha..)

The other side of the story, why do you think drama channels expose the big names on their channel? Well, it’s because these big names have millions of subscriber so it’s definitely a bigger chance to get more views too. Yes I do believe there are drama channels who make their content for information, education purpose (HereForTheTea, I love your channel so much)

Looking at these channels in YouTube relationship is really like watching a Love-hate relationship in a tv show, and it’s always gonna be there and that’s what makes it so interesting.

At the end of the day, just be a wise viewer and be real and true to yourself. Make life simple and easy; watch what make you happy, support who you want to support and if you come across a channel that you don’t like just click another one and move on. When you leave comment on someone video just be prepared cause there’s always people who disagree with you, so don’t get butt hurt and defensive. People can be mean, but whether or not if affect you, it’s totally up to you 😉

Peace out!

“People can be mean. Don’t take it personally. It says nothing about you but a lot about them”

-unknown, taken from –


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