Something old, something new, something peach

Hey y’all!

You probably already know that Too Faced has ‘delivered’ a new peach palette and, probably you already got it too 😊

Well, I’ve been trying so hard not to get it because I have so many similar shades in my collection. I even tried to ‘create’ my own palette with some singles, but I just can’t resist it, and not to mention the 30% discount is too good to miss, right?

So what do I think about this palette?

1. It’s gorgeous!

Can we all sit for a lil bit and just enjoying this eye candy? Look at all those gorgeous shades! With some disappointing products that Too Faced launched before this one, this palette has certainly rekindled my love for Too Faced. They’re all gorgeous, soft and buttery to touch, don’t forget it smells awesome too. If you don’t like the strong peachy scent from the first palette, you’ll probably like this one better because its scent is more subtle 

One more thing, In my opinion Just Peachy palette has the best packaging from all TooFaced eyeshadow. It’s thick sturdy plastic packaging with nice closure that’s not just magnet. It also comes in a really nice size, which make it very travel friendly 

2. It’s easy to use

Talking about pigmentation here, let’s just set an agreement here that Too Faced eyeshadows have never been wham! bam! in your eyes pigmented. Don’t get me wrong here, they are pigmented enough but it’s not to the ‘unforgivable’ level. You don’t need to worry that you will get strong punch of color if you don’t go light hand on application . I will say that the Just Peachy matte is a tad more pigmented and easier to intensify the color. In terms of blendability, they’re both easy to blend without looking muddy or just blend away to each other.

How does this compared to the old one?

Glad that you ask! If you don’t follow me on Instagram, you won’t know much I love my sweet peach palette. But first let me get this out of the way, the first time I saw this palette announcement I did see some similarities to the old one. They do have peachy vibe but Just Peachy palette for me is really the amplified version of the Sweet Peach. (Probably what a peach palette should be in the first place 😉)

Now, compared side by side to the old Sweet peach palette, I can say that the old one is more muted in tone. The pigmentation is softer and more subtle. 

When doing this swatches, I didn’t expect that they have so many similar shades. Well, here they are as you can see that they really are siblings 😊 (I don’t swatch all the shades in the Sweet Peach palette) I will just call the old one as the shy one and the new one is the bold. 

These palettes compliment each other very well, but it doesn’t necessarily mean that you can’t use them just on it’s own. You do need to layer and build up the color in the Sweet Peach palette  more to get the similar intensity with the new one

Which one to get?

In terms of quality, I’ll say that they’re both in the same good quality of TooFaced eyeshadow.

In terms of pigmentation, based on my preference I prefer the Just Peachy palette 

If you don’t have so many eyeshadow palettes and you want some variation and colors in your collection, go with the Sweet Peach one.

If you love all matte look, especially for this time of the year I’d suggest the Just Peachy one

If you’re a makeup addict like me with little to none self control whatsoever then get them both 😉


Hope you enjoy this review, and if you do please hit the like button or have a chit chat in the comment section down below

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