My Very FIRST Anti Haul

Hey Everyone,

Y’all know the drill here already and know what anti haul is all about. Long story short, it’s the list of items that I’m not gonna buy. All hail Kimberly Clarke on YouTube that started this

So without further ado, let’s get into it..

First up is, the Kylie ‘new’ bronze palette

One word, BORING. Before you even think to buy this, check your Modern Renaissance, Naked Heat, Tarte Toasted and that hundreds (hmm…) of Colourpop palettes. Unless you’re really really new into makeup, I bet you already have all these colours in your collection.

Up Next…. Colourpop X MakeupShayla

Well here’s another example of the palette bombing by Colourpop. This one is their collab is with MakeupShayla. The colour choice is just not inspiring for me. Probably because of the very graphic background, so it makes the colours in the palette don’t really pop out. Anyway, for me there’s nothing really special and unique from this palette.

Go get yourself some singles instead to get that pop of colors 😉

Next one is actually kinda make me consider to get it just because I love the brand. Her eyeshadow quality is quite up there so this Kat Von D palette surely attract me

but, it makes me want to say Hello again Metal Matte palette..Oops, wrong palette?

This really looks gorgeous but then again, it doesn’t make me go head over heels to get this one. Besides, the color selection is so similar with the metal matte, pastel goth and some other of her palette launched before. Sorry Kat Von D, I love your brand and products but this time I gotta pass

Next one is

Nothing against Laura Lee here, but none of her palettes caught my eyes. Personally, it’s just another news that I know of but not an exciting one. It is not enough to make me want to do something about it. Pretty packaging though.

Pfiuh…so many palettes released here

These 2 give me a serious dejavu. The coral one is very STD aka standard-looking. Just another warm tone palette from different brand. Next? The Gemstone one kinda tickle me a little, but only shimmers in one palette? I know my lazy ass will only use it a couple times, with another palette to compliment it but after that it’s gonna be a long term tenant in my drawer.

Well all in all, if you feel like any of these items here go get it and share your thought here.

Or do you have your own anti haul list? Please feel free to share it


Hope you enjoy this rant, and if you do please hit the like button or have a chit chat in the comment section down below

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Top 5 Foundation for Oily Dehydrated Skin

Hey Pretties!

Here are my top 5 foundations after I optimized my makeup collection.

These foundations work well with my skin condition.

My current skin condition

Oily, slightly dehydrated with big pore and hormonal acne during ‘that’ time of the month

My cup of foundation

Medium coverage with natural finish. Even though I have oily skin, I don’t really like matte foundations because I also have large pores and matte foundations tend to make it look too dry.

So here are they, my top 5

1. Mac Face and Body Foundation

Why is this my number 1 fave you ask? Well, despite being the lightest in texture and giving you very sheer coverage, this foundation looks really good on my skin. It looks really natural and gives you very skin like appearance. I also love how this foundation doesn’t really need primer but still stay put and looks good after long hour wearing it.

PS: this is also a really good choice for the glass skin look

2. Giorgio Armani Power Fabric Foundation

In my opinion, this is one of the underrated foundations on the market. Beauty gurus always rave about the GA luminous silk, but this one is also worth the hype. It has slightly more matte finish but still looks very beautiful on the skin.

3.Too Faced Peach Perfect Comfort Matte Foundation

Wow, isn’t it a mouthful 😆 Anyway, this ‘newcomer’ got my attention since the first time I tried it on. I tried this one because all the good reviews coming from oily skin Youtubers, and Girls, do I like this one so much. It does say matte on the packaging but on my skin it looks more satin-ish. It sits beautifully on the skin, stay put and doesn’t look greasy even though I wear it under the sun for looong hour

4. Bare Minerals Complexion Rescue

This is more of a tinted moisturizer than a foundation. It has really sheer and natural coverage, and also feels really light weight on the skin. This is my go to on hot summer day, or just when I need a quick ‘put together’ look

5. Tarte Rainforest of the Sea Water Foundation

Long story short, this is like the thicker version of the Mac Face and Body Foundation. It still a very light and watery in consistency but it has more pigment. Using 1 layer of this foundation, gives me more coverage than the Mac one. One reason why this only come at number 5 is because it’s trickier to work with. This foundation isn’t easily to be sheered out. While the Mac one works really well mixed with almost all moisturizer or liquid highlighter, this Tarte one doesn’t always mixed well.

So, are there any of these foundations your favorite too?

Or if you have similar skin type with me, what’s your favorite foundation that’s not listed here?


Hope you enjoy this rant, and if you do please hit the like button or have a chit chat in the comment section down below

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Something old, something new, something peach

Hey y’all!

You probably already know that Too Faced has ‘delivered’ a new peach palette and, probably you already got it too 😊

Well, I’ve been trying so hard not to get it because I have so many similar shades in my collection. I even tried to ‘create’ my own palette with some singles, but I just can’t resist it, and not to mention the 30% discount is too good to miss, right?

So what do I think about this palette?

1. It’s gorgeous!

Can we all sit for a lil bit and just enjoying this eye candy? Look at all those gorgeous shades! With some disappointing products that Too Faced launched before this one, this palette has certainly rekindled my love for Too Faced. They’re all gorgeous, soft and buttery to touch, don’t forget it smells awesome too. If you don’t like the strong peachy scent from the first palette, you’ll probably like this one better because its scent is more subtle 

One more thing, In my opinion Just Peachy palette has the best packaging from all TooFaced eyeshadow. It’s thick sturdy plastic packaging with nice closure that’s not just magnet. It also comes in a really nice size, which make it very travel friendly 

2. It’s easy to use

Talking about pigmentation here, let’s just set an agreement here that Too Faced eyeshadows have never been wham! bam! in your eyes pigmented. Don’t get me wrong here, they are pigmented enough but it’s not to the ‘unforgivable’ level. You don’t need to worry that you will get strong punch of color if you don’t go light hand on application . I will say that the Just Peachy matte is a tad more pigmented and easier to intensify the color. In terms of blendability, they’re both easy to blend without looking muddy or just blend away to each other.

How does this compared to the old one?

Glad that you ask! If you don’t follow me on Instagram, you won’t know much I love my sweet peach palette. But first let me get this out of the way, the first time I saw this palette announcement I did see some similarities to the old one. They do have peachy vibe but Just Peachy palette for me is really the amplified version of the Sweet Peach. (Probably what a peach palette should be in the first place 😉)

Now, compared side by side to the old Sweet peach palette, I can say that the old one is more muted in tone. The pigmentation is softer and more subtle. 

When doing this swatches, I didn’t expect that they have so many similar shades. Well, here they are as you can see that they really are siblings 😊 (I don’t swatch all the shades in the Sweet Peach palette) I will just call the old one as the shy one and the new one is the bold. 

These palettes compliment each other very well, but it doesn’t necessarily mean that you can’t use them just on it’s own. You do need to layer and build up the color in the Sweet Peach palette  more to get the similar intensity with the new one

Which one to get?

In terms of quality, I’ll say that they’re both in the same good quality of TooFaced eyeshadow.

In terms of pigmentation, based on my preference I prefer the Just Peachy palette 

If you don’t have so many eyeshadow palettes and you want some variation and colors in your collection, go with the Sweet Peach one.

If you love all matte look, especially for this time of the year I’d suggest the Just Peachy one

If you’re a makeup addict like me with little to none self control whatsoever then get them both 😉


Hope you enjoy this review, and if you do please hit the like button or have a chit chat in the comment section down below

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Going Minimalist : Downsizing My Makeup Collection Part 1 – Why?


Hey Guys, so so sorry for being MiA.

No excuse,just being uninspired and not really buying a lot of makeup to review lately 😉 Long story short, May as a no buy month was a great success 🙂

Anyway, since I’m in the middle of moving to a new house in the next few weeks, I have to start to pack up my makeup carefully, and like it or not I have to choose which one that I really need and which one that I can pack up first. While I was doing it, I also think why not decluttering it and downsizing my collection all at once. I watched many videos about minimalism and I found it interesting and I have started to apply it on my wardrobe first. Now, here I am bringing that minimalist idea to my makeup collection

Let me know in the comment section if you want to see the minimalist series that is not only on makeup department.

Alright then, let’s get into why I decided to minimize my makeup collection

  1. Practicality

These are 3 questions that I asked myself when I start to think about downsizing

  • How long do I actually need to put makeup on?
  • How long do I want to spend time doing my makeup?
  • How long from that required time that you actually use to think and choose what color or what product that you want to use?

Let’s be honest, most likely you will keep most of the product on you use on daily basis on the top of the vanity desk or the drawer that you will definitely open every day for easy access. Hence the beauty gurus or influencer have their everyday drawer or product they used the most, or whatever that sophisticated glam term it may be 😉 It is also most likely (if not always) you will tend to grab what’s already on your desk and most definitely what’s on your desk is all that you need, because it’s just more practical, simple and easy that way.

Practicality and simplicity are something that I really enjoy in my daily life (hence my Husband calls me simple-minded or over simplicity often) and Girls, do I love being simple. Who wouldn’t like to be able to look put together and without caking up the face all the time? Psst, 5 minute makeup look or no makeup look videos are still the most popular and most searched in YouTube 😉

Well, by having less products in the collection makes it more practical, easier and faster to do your makeup. You don’t have to spend time to think what to use, what to choose from your items and you know what makeup look that you like for everyday basis. After all, it’s not like we put full face cut crease, bright eyeshadow, sharp dramatic wing liner everyday right?

  1. Expiration Date

How many of us that can proudly say that we use up all of makeup product that we have, and only throw it away because the container is really empty? Or  do we throw product away because we don’t remember when did we buy it or how long has it been sitting in our drawer, untouched for a long time? I know I’m guilty for this more often than I like to admit.

We all know that makeup products have limitation on their glory days, so why piling up stuff that you know yourself won’t be able to use it? Either it’s because it’s a wrong shade of foundation or the lipsticks that you know damn well you will only use it once or twice a year. Instead of letting many product going expired unused, why not use up several product that you know you will enjoy using and looking good when you putting it on.

  1. Basic Purpose

Knowing what’s the purpose of putting makeup on and the purpose of each product you have is definitely very important. This is the most fundamental and the basic idea of why I decide to downsize my collection. I look back to the basic purpose of makeup for me. I use makeup to make myself feel good, look good and sometimes I use it to express my “artsy” side and last but not least, I love to see a pretty corner in my bedroom with items that I love to look at and enjoy using. So when that corner is no longer pretty to look at, and it starts to create a pile of clutter and look too packed and crowded for my liking, that’s when I know that I need to downsize them.

If you’re a makeup artist or beauty influencer, it’s understandable that makeup has other purpose than just to make you feel good or look good. As a makeup artist, you will need a lot of products for your option to put on clients and of course, you will also have the place to put and organize your makeup in, instead of letting those pretty stuff lying around everywhere. On the other hand, if you’re just a regular makeup user with some (I dare not to say a little, cause that will be a lie) obsession to makeup 😉 like myself, I don’t think all people need beauty room or glam room that take up a whole room to itself. I remember one time My Mom saw my collection and what she said was “How many pairs of eyes you have that makes you need (at that time) 17 eyeshadow palettes?” and of course I could only grin at her LoL..

Well, If you do have that glam room, and feel the need to have that and happy with it, by all means, enjoy what you have and what you like. Like Jaclyn Hill said, you do you, Boo. For me, and maybe mostly the other regular makeup users, we probably have a vanity desk and a little storage for makeup items that we don’t use everyday. Instead of going crazy to get that white Ikea drawer to fill up, why not thinking to get makeup based on what fit in the storage that you already have? If it fits before, why not keeping it that way?

  1. Skin Health

The less product you have means that you will have product that you know it will work for your skin and suits your skin best. The more often we change product on our face, we have to be ready with the consequences whether it’s gonna work good or it’s gonna break us out, and let’s not forget that our skin need time to adjust every time with new product that we try on.

By going minimalist, now that I know exactly what products that I have, I know what problems that might come with the product I have and how to handle it easily. For example, by only having smaller collection of foundations I know which one that I want to use for sheer coverage or which one I should get when I want a little fuller coverage.

Going minimalist also makes me focus more on how to keep my skin on its A game. Having less product and personally I tend gravitate towards lightweight item, makes me have less skin problem. Having good solid skincare for me is more pleasing now because it makes it easier to apply my makeup and to be honest, less product needed too

All in all, going minimalist is a concept to make our life easier and happier. It’s also a better of personal choice. If by having a room full of makeup it makes you happy then enjoy it! But if you start to feel that makeup take over your space or even your life (cause you know there are people feel this way out there) then try downsize it, choose what you like, what make you happy and enjoy.

I am by no means is a total minimalist in term of the amount of what I have right now, but at least it’s not the amount that makes me think that my collection is getting out of hand. Stay tune for more discussion about this minimizing makeup series.

Please feel free to share your thought on the comment section below, like this post if you enjoy it and I beg you please stalk me on Instagram or Twitter 😉

Peace Out!

The Hallelujah Mountain is Real

Remember that epic movie “Avatar” with the blue creatures and Hallelujah Mountains?
Yes that mountains is real.
Located in Zhang Jia Jie(张家界)in Hunan Province, China
It’s a vast area of National Park that will need at least 2 days to explore all the amazing spots with breathtaking taking view everywhere.

I went there back in 2013, and it was winter so the hike and walk were not so bad. Besides, once you reach the peak with this stunning view, all the long walk feel soooo much worth it.

There’s no way that you can visit all spot in one day, therefore the ticket price is varies from 1-day pass to 3-day pass. There is map given to explore the “park” comfortably.

A side note though, it will be very helpful if you have basic Chinese knowledge as not all directions are available in English, and as Hunan is relatively small province, don’t expect people in the area to be able to speak English.

Why I Don’t Like Colourpop

Today I’m gonna tell you why I don’t like Colourpop products. (what??) yeah, sad to say with all the hype about the affordable brand with great color selection, I don’t see myself enjoying it.

I do have their products to try out. I bought their ultra lip matte liquid lipstick and super shock eyeshadow. As a ‘tester’ I got 3 of their abundant matte liquid lipstick and a set of 4 of their eyeshadow bundle which are varies in finish (at least from what I see)

So what makes me don’t like it?

  1. The formula

Ultra Matte Liquid Lipstick : I am a very very nitpicky on what I put on my lips, so I have a lot of troubles using matte lipstick or liquid lipstick. So far, matte lips products that I like are Too Faced Melted matte and Nyx soft mate lip cream. For me, these two are some of the products that I enjoy wearing and feel comfortable on my lips.

The color pop liquid lipstick for me is my least favorite. It’s so drying on the lips and I feel that my lips are shrinking. I did put lip balm before I apply it (at the beginning when I start makeup so my lips can absorb it first) and I put vaseline petroleum jelly (my best friend) every time I get out of the shower so I think my lips are moisturized enough before putting it on but still it feel super drying. It also clumpy and O smears so bad after a bite of burger 😦

Eyeshadow : This is what I call a redundancy at its best. Colourpop eyeshadow is packed in a tight turn container (it reminds me of loreal infallible eyeshadow) however the texture is more on to the mousy side. You can’t really call it powder because it’s not powdery at all (at least the ones that I have) and you can’t really say it’s cream either. Oh, and I’m usually not so sensitive to smell on beauty products, but this eyeshadow smell kinda off-putting for me. It smells like plastic chemical scent.

  1. Color payoff & Pigmentation

Both the eyeshadow and the liquid lipstick have a really decent color payoff.

Liquid Lipstick :They’re super pigmented but because it’s so pigmented, it’s kinda unforgivable. Some of the shades are very similar to one another, so if you are someone who like to say “this one has more pink to it, but this one is more coraly tone” then by all means, collect this liquid lipstick as the price is very affordable compared to the celebrity name brand product.

As for the eyeshadow (especially the dark and intense color) you have to apply it with light hand if not very light hand because one swipe then you get the color pop (hence the name colourpop, maybe?) For me, the eyeshadow is too easily blended but not necessarily buildable. On the other hand, if you want just a pop of intense color then have one pot of the color you need and just use it on the lid. Their shimmery eyeshadow is nice for people who are not a fan of sparkly glam glitter shadow

  1. Application

Liquid lipstick, you will have to apply it so quick and precisely on the first layer, because it will get clumpy if you layer it up. You can even peel it from your lips if you put layers on your lips. It doesn’t dry so fast on the lips though, so you kinda need a good 10 minutes before it completely sits on your lips.

The eyeshadow application is also troubling me. I’m such a simple and methodical girl when it comes to eyeshadow. I use the same brush for my crease every time I apply my eyeshadow, I use the same brush for packing the color for my lid (I have 2 type of brush for the shimmer and the matte eyeshadow) but nothing seems to work with this colourpop shadow. My brush does pick up the color but it’s not seamless, it looks patchy even though I have used my synthetic brush from the body shop (and girl this brush is amazing for every other I eyeshadow I have).

The eyeshadow applied best using fingers (in my opinion) this is how you can get good color payoff. It also will look better when you have a base under it (I apply regular eyeshadow as a base before I pack the color pop on my eyes) that way the color will look better and more vibrant, but if you use it directly to your eyes after eye primer, it will look very sheer and to be honest, you can’t really see the color.


With that being said, I have to say I don’t like and nor I can enjoy using colourpop products. I’m kinda disappointed with this though, because it’s so hype and so affordable, and so many people like it. I really wish I can say the same, but I can’t.



Will I stop buying makeup?

This is not a surprise question given to women who love makeup. Either it comes from her friends, family and even the significant other (at least mine did), this question must have popped up at one point of time.

So why do I decide to put a limit (or even a stop) on my makeup purchase and when?

The reason is as simple as my other reason on this blog. Travel.

Yes, I wanna be able to travel around again soon, so instead of spending hundreds of dollars to buy makeup, I can use that to have a road trip 😀

As an average reasonable person, I have to admit that I have an “addiction” to makeup too, and I do realize that. One thing to add, I also realize that at some point I gotta stop too. But the next question now is when?

Then I came up with these idea


1. Browse around your makeup “must have” – this includes the one you want, cause we all know it’s never a need 😉 put it in your cart (Sephora, Ulta, or whatever website it is)

2. Read and watch reviews about your wish list (preferably not from big youtuber beauty guru). This way you can get more opinion from others who’s been using it objectively and not just for commercial reason only.

3. Check on your collection and compare it. My biggest addiction are eyeshadow palette and lipstick but believe it or not, you will always reach to the similar tone or color for that stuff. This is what I learn from some decluttering video as well. I’ll post more on “What I Want in My Makeup Collection”

4. Determine what do you “want and need” to have. For example, I’ve been ‘examining’ Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance Palette, and compare it to Huda Beauty (WANT). Next step I did was to check on the colors, finish and formula. They are both pretty, well known brand and have similar color tone, but the ABH Modern Renaissance for me is more wearable and more “neutral” and I’m not a fan of chunky glittery eyeshadow (NEED)

5. Sort your cart, and watch for SALE time. After a thorough research, you will know which product that’s really worth the money or it’s just another hype. Unless you’re a makeup artist, professional beauty blogger, or you make money from buying all the makeup in store, I think we can all agree that makeup shopping is overwhelming and sometimes make you wonder “how and why did I buy this? or “What was I thinking when I get this?”

So the answer to the title above is YES, I will stop buying make up when the products that I see as a MUST HAVE are all nicely stationed in my vanity desk. YES it means I won’t have a vanity with the collection as big as what Sephora have, but hey I love my makeup as my private collection, not as public display or to gain people’s praise that my collection is GOAL.

Share your thoughts on this matter, agree, disagree? all comments are welcome


The best matte palette


I know that probably all of you already know what’s on the picture here.

On the left is the Tartelette Amazonian Clay Matte palette and on the right is Kat Von D Shade Light Eye Contour Palette.

What’s the similarity of these two?

  1. They’re both an all matte palette
  2. The colors in the palette are pretty similar, but the I gotta say that the tartelette palette is leaning to the cool side with pops of plummy purple tone while the Kat Von D one is straight up basic eyeshadow tone ( shades of brown and black)
  3. They’re both are very pigmented, buttery smooth and really soft texture (except the black one in Kat Von D, I feel it’s drier in texture and formula so I prefer the black on Tartelette one)
  4. They’re both amazing palette that’s easy to blend without making the color faded when it’s blended to other color. There’re some reviews saying that the Tartelette one is hard to blend, but for me it isn’t. If you’re being nitpicky, yes it will need just a little more effort to blend but that’s acceptable for all matte eyeshadow

Who will like this palette?

  1. Matte eyeshadow lover (duh…I need to be more creative)
  2. Cool tone lover – this is my personal opinion, the Kat Von D one will probably can create some warm color but not so much. So if you’re a warm eyeshadow lover then probably you can’t maximize these 2 palette as much as cool tone lover. I personally love the purple tone in Tartelette so much.
  3. Hooded eye – well, what can I say, I have hooded eye (my right eye is very hooded) so matte eyeshadow helps me a lot to create depth and dimension on my eyes

All in all, it’s just make up so it’s not about the recommendation or not about what beauty guru says but it’s about your personal preference. These two just happened to be the best matte eyeshadow palette for me. If you have other suggestion or opinion on other matte palette, please drop me a note or two 🙂

Peace Out!

The Story of Beauty and the Beach

Hey everyone, hope you all will enjoy my posts here. This blog will be filled with my rant, reviews, photos about two things that I can say my “happy place”, makeup and travelling.

Why Beauty and the Beach?

Because I love makeup and the place that will always be on my top priority to visit are places with beautiful beach. One more thing, if you haven’t figured out already, my most favorite fairytale of all time is Beauty and the Beast

What’s in Beauty and the Beach?

This blog will be filled with my pictures, and thoughts about makeup and travel.

The makeup posts are about the products that I like, product review, and some thoughts on beauty stuff

The travel posts are about the trip that I’ve taken, what I saw and what I did, and I will share my bucket list too.