Why I Don’t Like Colourpop

Today I’m gonna tell you why I don’t like Colourpop products. (what??) yeah, sad to say with all the hype about the affordable brand with great color selection, I don’t see myself enjoying it.

I do have their products to try out. I bought their ultra lip matte liquid lipstick and super shock eyeshadow. As a ‘tester’ I got 3 of their abundant matte liquid lipstick and a set of 4 of their eyeshadow bundle which are varies in finish (at least from what I see)

So what makes me don’t like it?

  1. The formula

Ultra Matte Liquid Lipstick : I am a very very nitpicky on what I put on my lips, so I have a lot of troubles using matte lipstick or liquid lipstick. So far, matte lips products that I like are Too Faced Melted matte and Nyx soft mate lip cream. For me, these two are some of the products that I enjoy wearing and feel comfortable on my lips.

The color pop liquid lipstick for me is my least favorite. It’s so drying on the lips and I feel that my lips are shrinking. I did put lip balm before I apply it (at the beginning when I start makeup so my lips can absorb it first) and I put vaseline petroleum jelly (my best friend) every time I get out of the shower so I think my lips are moisturized enough before putting it on but still it feel super drying. It also clumpy and O my..it smears so bad after a bite of burger 😦

Eyeshadow : This is what I call a redundancy at its best. Colourpop eyeshadow is packed in a tight turn container (it reminds me of loreal infallible eyeshadow) however the texture is more on to the mousy side. You can’t really call it powder because it’s not powdery at all (at least the ones that I have) and you can’t really say it’s cream either. Oh, and I’m usually not so sensitive to smell on beauty products, but this eyeshadow smell kinda off-putting for me. It smells like plastic chemical scent.

  1. Color payoff & Pigmentation

Both the eyeshadow and the liquid lipstick have a really decent color payoff.

Liquid Lipstick :They’re super pigmented but because it’s so pigmented, it’s kinda unforgivable. Some of the shades are very similar to one another, so if you are someone who like to say “this one has more pink to it, but this one is more coraly tone” then by all means, collect this liquid lipstick as the price is very affordable compared to the celebrity name brand product.

As for the eyeshadow (especially the dark and intense color) you have to apply it with light hand if not very light hand because one swipe then you get the color pop (hence the name colourpop, maybe?) For me, the eyeshadow is too easily blended but not necessarily buildable. On the other hand, if you want just a pop of intense color then have one pot of the color you need and just use it on the lid. Their shimmery eyeshadow is nice for people who are not a fan of sparkly glam glitter shadow

  1. Application

Liquid lipstick, you will have to apply it so quick and precisely on the first layer, because it will get clumpy if you layer it up. You can even peel it from your lips if you put layers on your lips. It doesn’t dry so fast on the lips though, so you kinda need a good 10 minutes before it completely sits on your lips.

The eyeshadow application is also troubling me. I’m such a simple and methodical girl when it comes to eyeshadow. I use the same brush for my crease every time I apply my eyeshadow, I use the same brush for packing the color for my lid (I have 2 type of brush for the shimmer and the matte eyeshadow) but nothing seems to work with this colourpop shadow. My brush does pick up the color but it’s not seamless, it looks patchy even though I have used my synthetic brush from the body shop (and girl this brush is amazing for every other I eyeshadow I have).

The eyeshadow applied best using fingers (in my opinion) this is how you can get good color payoff. It also will look better when you have a base under it (I apply regular eyeshadow as a base before I pack the color pop on my eyes) that way the color will look better and more vibrant, but if you use it directly to your eyes after eye primer, it will look very sheer and to be honest, you can’t really see the color.


With that being said, I have to say I don’t like and nor I can enjoy using colourpop products. I’m kinda disappointed with this though, because it’s so hype and so affordable, and so many people like it. I really wish I can say the same, but I can’t.