Favorite Concealer

Hey Pretties!

Hope y’all have a great weekend.

Today I want to talk about my favorite concealer, cause God forbid you stay up, party all night on weekend and Bam! dark circle on Monday morning..Not cool!

Both concealers that works very well for me here are high-end, cruelty free and vegan.

Until now I haven’t found the drugstore products that works as well as these two. Yes I have and do use drugstore product too, Maybelline Fitme and Rimmel concealer and highlighter. Are they good? Yes, but isn’t as good as the one that I’m talking about here. In terms of coverage, application, both of the drugstore product I’m currently having and using aren’t so effective to tackle my dark circle.

So, what’s my favorite favorite concealer? Do you think you know what are they?

Drum roll please….


1. Kat Von D Lock It Concealer Creme

Get it at Sephora and Kat Von D website


Texture : It’s a cream concealer but very very very highly pigmented. Well, it’s a development formula of the old Lock It Tattoo concealer that was intended to cover tattoo so no wonder it’s very pigmented.

Coverage : Full buildable coverage.

Claim : instant one coat coverage, lightweight and comfortable, 24-hour wear, brighten under-eyes, cover blemishes, correct discoloration, neutralize redness, contour and highlight

Shades available : 21. 20 shades of skin tone and a pure white shade. I don’t personally have the white one but I tried my friend’s for eyeshadow base and it does a pretty good job.

Application : I feel that Lock It Concealer works  best with beauty sponge or finger application, it looks smoother than with brush application.

Why I love this better :

  • This concealer fulfill all its claim, except the 24–hours wear cause I never put on my makeup for 24 hours but it does stay put for good 12 hours on me.
  • It does only need one coat to cover everything! One swipe, blend it with sponge (my personal method of application) and you’re covered.
  • I love the pointed teardrop applicator because I can apply it precisely to the inner corner of the eyes. Prefer this type of applicator than the regular doe foot one.


Kat Von D applicator is smaller and thinner which I feel make it easier for application.

  • The coverage is awesome, doesn’t budge, doesn’t crease even when I forgot to set it with powder. It’s very opaque even though the cream texture isn’t very thick and of course it’s not cakey at all.
  • I don’t personally use this concealer for highlight and contouring but one thing I know, I don’t need to color correct under my eye to cover up my dark circle. The texture of the Lock It Concealer is more liquidy than the Tarte one that’s very thick but I have to say the pigmentation and coverage of KVD is better.
  • I’m in the shade Light 11 – for neutral undertone.

Note : If you want even thicker coverage, choose the Kat Von D Lock It Tattoo Concealer. I never personally use it a whole lot, but I did compare it the first time I bought KVD concealer. The Tattoo concealer is much more dense and it’s very thick, almost like tooth paste consistency but it really does cover everything. I don’t really like it because it look kinda cakey and not blended well into the skin

2. Tarte Shape Tape

Get it at Ulta (Exclusive) and Tarte website


Texture: It’s a highly dense pigmented cream. The texture is thicker that Kat Von D one.

Coverage : Full coverage. Tarte Shape Tape isn’t as easy as Kat Von D one to work with. It’s very pigmented and you just need couple dots (not swipe) to get coverage. Because of its thicker texture, it tends to be cakey if you layer it up.

Claim : radiant coverage and contouring, instantly brighten and cover acne, dark circles and redness while softening the look of pores and fine lines

Shades available : 14. Tarte Shape Tape may not have as many shade as Kat Von D does, but the color range is quite wide, plus you can always mix some color to get the shade you want.

Application : Beauty sponge is the best applicator for this, because the sponge will help to absorb the excess product and somehow make it more flawless and less cakey.

My thought :

  • This one also lifts up to all its claims except the softening look of pores and fine lines. It sinks to my fine lines if I only apply one swipe like I do with my Kat Von D. I get a better and smoother application using my finger, this is why I love my the KVD more
  • The regular doe foot applicator is huge, so you get a lot of product when you pull it out of the container. Maybe this is why people say you only need a little of this product, cause basically it’s already bigger than a regular size concealer applicator. It doesn’t need to be set with powder either. My preference with this concealer is to only dust it with translucent powder a little bit, cause when I fully set it, it looks cakey
  • It’s very pigmented, doesn’t budge, and stay put for long hours. It looks good for all day, but I notice a little creasing at the end of the day, which I don’t find from the Kat Von D.
  • I’m in the shade Light Medium Honey, and my shade for Tarte Rainforest of the Sea Water foundation is also light medium honey.

Are these two the best concealer?

Maybe not for everyone, but for me they are.

Are there any better concealer than these two?

Probably yes, but I choose these because they work well for me and based on my need.

If you have other suggestions, please feel free to write me in the comment below, since I’m also still on the hunt to find a good drugstore concealer too.

Are these your favorite concealer too? If not, what’s your favorite concealer or what do you suggest?

Have a great week!

Ulta Sephora HAUL 1

Hey y’all

If you follow me on Instagram, you probably already known that I did a little haul last week. So without further due, let’s see what I got


here are the “damage”

From Sephora

  1. Kat Von D Lock It Concealer ($26)


This was actually a repurchase after I’m out of this product in October last year. I’ve been using Tarte Shape Tape as the replacement, which is a really good concealer of concealer (you guys know all the hype around the Shape Tape) but I still miss the Kat Von D one so much. Stay tune for the review and comparison of these two BOMB concealer

  1. Too Faced Love Flush Blush in Love Hangover ($26)


There is no particular reason why I bought this. I guess because of the cute packaging and still in the vibe of Valentine (yeah, right!) It has a really soft texture and the color is BAM! in your face. You need to use a very light hand for this blush because it’s so beautifully pigmented

From Ulta

  1. Formula 10.0.6 Seriously Shine Free Moisturizer ($ 6.99)


Since I’ve been trying their mask and got some other products sent to me (thanks Formula 10.0.6) I fall in love more and more with their products. I’ve emptied my St Ives Collagen Moisturizer (Girls, it took forever to use up that giant jar 😀 ) Spoiler, this one lifts up to its claim as a mattifying oil-free moisturizer. I’ve been using it since last Friday and let me tell you this, I put this moisturizer to the test. The longest record it hold so far is yesterday when I looked shine free for a good 7 hours, no touch up, no blotting! so excited! Aaaand it doesn’t break your bank 🙂

  1. Nip Fab Exfoliate Glycolic Fix Serum ($14.99, as of right now when I posted this it’s on sale for $ 12.74 on Ulta website


I’m aware that now I’m in my late 20s and I have to start the anti aging skin routine.  this serum is how I started to intensify my skincare. I’ve tried some Body Shop serum before but I didn’t really use it much. It was more on and off relationship with my previous serums until I can’t use it anymore cause it’s expired. I have more awareness now that I started to see a fine lines in my under eye area. I decided to give this serum a try as I’ve seen some good reviews about it on YouTube and Instagram post. The price is also very reasonable so why not.

  1. Burt Bees Eye Makeup Remover ($ 5.99)


Another impulsive side of me made me clicked the added to my bag button, and Holy Moly how I’m falling in love with this! You don’t need long time to know if you like a makeup remover right? Well at least that’s why I feel and yes, again, I’m in love with this pad. It’s a thin cotton pad that you can just wipe it on your eyes and it’s good to go. It doesn’t burn my eyes, no tingling sensation and  it took out the super pigmented Kat Von D eyeshadow and Better than Sex mascara easily.

  1. Loreal Infallible Blend Artist Foundation Blender ($ 7.99)


Just because I can’t justify myself again to spend $20 for Beauty Blender and I’m bored with Real Technique sponge (still love it though, still have RT sponge as backup too) This foundation blender feels more bouncy and a tad bit firmer than Real Technique one. Texture wise it’s more similar to the original Beauty Blender. Overall, it’s nice but I feel that this one absorb more product than the RT one.

  1. Physician Formula Butter Bronzer ($ 14.99)


For the sake of my longing for summer, I need to bring this back to my collection. You guys already how good it is, smell so good, and lift up to their name for it’s really buttery soft. This bronzer is really subtle, and the color is lighter Too Faced Chocolate soleil bronzer. It’s more similar to the Milk Chocolate one.

Well, that’s part 1 of my haul this time 🙂 Have any of you done a makeup haul recently? Let me know what you bought and what do you think about it? March will be a no buy month for me so I would love to know what should I get when I’m back on market 😉

PS : Nyx Haul coming up soon 😉

Hope you all had a great weekend and amazing week ahead!

Complete Palette Collection


Let’s be honest, there’s no way as a makeup lover that we can survive with only 1 eyeshadow palette. As a palette hoarder myself,  I do feel that I have eye shadow palettes more than I actually need. So for the sake of my self-achievement to proof that I can minimize my collection, I think so hard about this:  If I can only have 5 palettes that I can use for the rest of my life, which one that I know I will definitely need and use

So here they are

  1. Tartelette Amazonian Clay Matte – the Basic

As you all know this is one of my favorite matte palettes in 2016. It comes with a mirror in a sturdy, pretty packaging. The shades here are all mates and the color range from the light cream to blackest black matte. This is what I call as my basic palette, and it’s also a great palette with abundant transition colors. As a hooded eyes, I definitely need this matte palette to complete my look

  1. Kat Von D Metal Matte – the Complete

To be honest, if I can only choose one palette from my entire collection, I will definitely pick this one in a heartbeat. You can get a complete choice of looks to create, with the pop of color and metallic shades as variation, I’m sure that if I only have 5 palettes in my life I will use this one often. All shades in this palette are very wearable, not to mention their blue, green and purple are amazing (both matte and metallic one) The only down side is this palette is limited edition so it’ll be hard to find the replacement.


  1. Too Faced Bon Bon Palette – the Romantic

This palette may seem to be a basic palette, but it’s not just a basic for me. The pink shades in this palette is really good. Bon bon palette comes with soft pink, neon pink, with cool tone brown shades that  I love. This is probably the reason why I picked this over the original chocolate bar palette (that’s leaning more to the warm tone browns). Let’s just say, this is my romantic palette because it has pink and purple for sultry romantic look.

  1. Too Faced Sweet Peach Palette – the Warmth

Not gonna deny that the scent from this palette is a strong factor for me to choose. It might be a turn off for you who’s sensitive to strong smell, but I love the sweet scent coming from this palette. However, there’re other reasons why I put this to complete my collection. I’m not a warm tone lover for eye shadow because it tends to make my makeup look muddy, but the warm tones in this palette doesn’t. It’s not extremely pigmented but very easy to build the warmth on the eye

  1. Juvia’s Place Masquerade Mini – the Color

I come to realize that as much as I love colors on my eyeshadow, the colors always run in the same color family. If you follow me on Instagram, you can see that I love blue eyeshadow (a lot!) purple, green, and pink tone. This palette is perfect for my color preference because it has all the color that I will actually use. Never will I use red or yellow for my eyeshadow unless it’s halloween (maybe). After knowing what I’m comfortable with, this palette definitely has become one of my staples.

So, what do you think? Do these choice make a complete collection for you so then you don’t need other palette? Probably not (yeah, why do I still I want other palettes even though I have all of these hahaha..)

Let me know what will be your choice if you can only have 5 palettes

Do you think this 5 palette will cover your need?  You decide!

Battle of the Colorful palette



Why do I need colorful palette?

I want some colors in my collection, because most of my collection are full with neutral eye shadow and not many pop of color. I’m a neutral and smokey eye lover but there are times that I want some colors too

Do I really need such rainbow in my makeup collection?

Well, the answer for the need is actually no, but my curiosity got the best of me as usual when it comes to makeup.

So here it is, my thought on the colorful eyeshadow palettes that I own. I’m gonna rate it based on the palette quality, wearability, and my suggestion to use. Starting from the top rank to my least favorite

1. Metal Matte by Kat Von

Is it a good palette (pigmentation, blendability, longevity) ? Yes

Is it a must have? Yes (too bad it’s limited edition)

Is it for every skin tone? Yes

Can this be worn anytime? Yes

Can this be a stand-alone palette? Yes

This is the best palette of all time. For the love story between me and an eyeshadow palettes, this palette takes it all. You got all the color you need without looking too crazy colorful.

Pigmentation is excellent and the metallic shadows in this palette don’t need wet brush to get the vibrant colors pop. All the swatches here are fingers swatches with very light swipe no pressing at all. The colors stay put in your eyes even when you don’t use any primer below that. It’s so easy to blend (all Kat Von D eye shadow are easy to blend) but it doesn’t just simply mixed together so then you lose the original color.

To top it off, you also can get such a ‘normal’ look from it. Neutral nude eye, warm tone brown, a simple dark brown or even black smokey eyes, matte and metallic shade combination are all possible to get from this one palette. I almost put this as my only favorite eyeshadow of 2016 but it’s limited edition so not necessarily accessible for everyone.

2. Sugar Pop by Too Faced

Is it a good palette? Yes

Is it a must have? Depends

Is it for every skin tone? Yes (but a little tricky for deeper skin tone)

Can this be worn anytime? Yes

Can this be a stand alone palette? Yes

There aren’t many colors in this palette, since it’s only 9 colors palette, but Too Faced never let me down with its color selection in the palette. To be honest, this probably is the Too Faced palettes that is not repetitive or interchangeable with other palettes (let’s say, you don’t really need Natural Eyes palette if you already have the Chocolate Bar palettes)

This is a unique colorful palette which is more on pastel-y side. The pigmentation good but because it is pastel tone, you can’t easily get the vibrant color in just one swipe (this is also why I said it’s tricky for deeper skin tone, because eyeshadow base is a must otherwise you won’t see much color compared to lighter skin tone that can still get away without a base and just simply going 2-3 times to pack the color) but still the colors are so vibrant and pretty. As I have mentioned, white eyeshadow base is needed to help the color popped more or put a black or dark base to built a vibrant deeper tone.

This palette is great for spring and summer, but who am I to judge if you want to pop the dark purple and hot pink for fall and winter tone? I do really think that this is a really nice palette to have if you just need a little color as a variation in your collection. It’s not a palette with crazy bold purple, yellow, red color but still not a boring choice of color to put on your eyes once in a while.

3. 28 Foiled Eyeshadow by BH Cosmetics

Is it a good palette? Yes

Is it a must have? Depends

Is it for every skin tone? Yes

Can this be worn anytime? Yes

Can this be a stand alone palette? No (for me)

This palette lands the 3rd place not because it’s not pigmented enough. It’s actually quite pigmented even without using a wet brush (on the swatches picture the top part is dry brush swatch, the bottom one is brush swatch wet)  This palette can only be my #3 choice because it’s an all foiled eyeshadow and has no matte at all. The reason I bought this was of course because, one, I wanted to have some pops of color in my collection, two, I thought this foiled colors can be just easily to put on the lid, and three, BH cosmetics is an affordable product with decent if not pretty good quality.

But as I use it more, I realize that I can’t use this palette without having another palette with it. I know I just want to use them as eyelid color, but it’s just not practical and convenient to always have at least two palette to use this (at least for me). If you are not a hooded eyes girl like me, this palette will most definitely be on a higher rank. But, since I always need matte transition color and cannot get away from it, this palette is just not enough for me to look “put together” by only using it. It’s pretty, so pigmented (sheen shimmery look without wet brush, or shimmery with more vibrant look with wet brush application)

Another good thing about this palette is this can be used anytime spring summer fall winter, it has the color for every season because of the color range in the palette itself. Last but not least, any skin tone can pull this one off, again because the color choice that it has can suit anybody.

4. Full Spectrum by Urban Decay

Is it a good palette? So so

Is it a must have? No

Is it for every skin tone? Yes

Can this be worn anytime? Yes

Can this be a stand-alone palette? No

Disclaimer : the packaging is super gorgeous!! and it’s the reason why it’s so hard to put this palette at the bottom of my list. But, honesty is the best policy, so sorry Urban Decay, doesn’t matter how pretty your packaging is, it’s not how I rate my eyeshadow palette.

Opening the palette for the first time took my breath away. It literally is a color spectrum in a palette. It’s beautiful, the placement of colors is stunning, the big mirror is to die for. But, why does this palette fall on the bottom of my list?

When it comes to eye shadow palette, my biggest concern is the pigmentation. Is it not pigmented? No. All I can say is, this eyeshadow is not as pigmented as an Urban Decay eye shadow that I’m familiar with.

Do I hate it? No. Can I work with it? Sure, you can always build the pigmentation by using wet brush or putting a base before applying it. But, because I’m a long time user of naked palettes (the original one, naked 2 and naked 3), this palette is just not up to par. Its formula is more on the dry side, (this could be a matter of personal preference) but not the kind of dry that I’m used to with my other palettes from Urban Decay. I know that Urban Decay eyeshadow is not always the buttery silky soft one, but because I’m familiar with their dry formula, this one still just doesn’t do it for me.

When you can use this palette more? I can’t say it’s an everyday palette because the color choice in this color is pretty bold in this palette. If you like smokey blue, or purple or green everyday then by all means, use this everyday and skin tone doesn’t really matter here because you have plenty colors to choose.

That’s all for now, Girls. If you have questions about the palettes above, request on product that you want to know more, or just want to say hi and share your experience if you have the same palettes, feel free to drop a comment down below

Peace out!