Minimalist Makeup Kit – Fancy version

Dear Pretties,

Happy Birthday to me ! yay..

As I feel fancy on this day, let me show you my “minimalist beauty investment” 😉 over the course of three years, the items below are the one that I know for sure how they perform and it’s a really good investment to have in your collection. Whether you just started dipping your toes on makeup or you want to find what’s essentials for your collection, these goodies will never fail (well, they never fail me ;D



1. Tarte Timeless smoothing primer – $ 39

With big pores like mine, this primer is the best choice for pore filling and create a smooth canvas. Smashbox Photo Finish is also a good choice.

2. CoverFx custom cover drop – $ 44/ Nars All Day Luminous Foundation

With my combo oily skin, I’m a huge fan of light-weight foundation and these two work very well for it

3. Laura Mercier Transluscent Powder –

4. Too Faed Chocolate Soleil Bronzer – $ 30

5. Too Faced Love Flush Blush / Becca – $ 26

I love the formula of Too Faced blush, it’s soft and pigmented but it’s buildable so you can layer it up without making you to get clown face easily.


6. Tartelette in Bloom / Anastasia single shadow

7. Kat Von D trooper liner / UD glide on pencil liner – $ 20

8. Benefit Roller Lash – $ 24IMG_5097


9. Mac lipstick – $ 17.5


10. Mac Fix+/Urban Decay – $ 32

Total $ 311.5

Well Guys, I know the total price of this kits is pretty steep, but it’s the quality that matters, right? Besides, most of the items here are the type of product that doesn’t require much to use for every application. You can also mix some items with the drugstore stuff. If you want to know which item that I prefer to get from the drugstore, check my previous posts.

What do you think, Pretties? Do you like my choice here or do you have other idea that’s needed to be added here?

As usual, leave your thought down below or send me your idea on Instagram or Twitter

Peace Out!

Minimalist Makeup Kit – Drugstore Version

Dear Pretties,

Have you ever sit on your makeup vanity and wonder how do we end up with all those goodies there? How did it begin? When did it start to piling up? 😉 Well, I did.

While reorganizing my collection during my moving period last month, a random thought crossed my mind. If I have to start all over again, knowing what I know now about makeup, what will be my choice to start a makeup collection?

Here I create two kits based to start a simple, complete and pretty solid choice to begin your makeup journey. Or, if you just want to downsize your makeup collection (check out my downsizing post here) dMy kits here are created based on my skin condition and need. I have combo oily skin with big pores on my nose, sensitive, and hormonal acne during that time of our life, Girls, every month 😉

Let’s begin with the drugstore version, shall we



1.Nyx Angel Veil – 15.99

This is claimed to be the dupe of Hourglass Mineral Veil. For me, it’s not necessarily a dupe. The Nyx is a tad bit more slippy than the Hourglass one but the feel on the skin

2. Loreal Infallible Pro Matte Foundation – 12.99

This is my most preferred foundation that won’t make me look like grease ball for the longest time

3. Rimmel Stay Matter Pressed Powder – 5.49

Need I say more about this cult classic? Keep oil at bay at all time


4. Physician Formula Butter Bronzer – $ 14.99

Great smell, have a pretty neutral undertone, easy to build the pigmentation without going overboard

5. Nyx Sweet Cheek Blush Palette – $ 19.99

It has all the color choice of blush that you can think of


  • Elf Contour palette, if you’re into detail contouring, if not the bronzer will do just fine
  • Nyx Strobe of Genius, for the highlighter fans, you will get all tones of highlighter you need in one palette



6. Nyx Avant Pop Eyeshadow Palette – $16.99/ Colourpop Pressed Powder (singles option) – $ 5.00

I like the formula of these eyeshadow, very comparable to the high end one. Both, the palette and the singles are very easy to work with. Nix Prismatic eyeshadow is also another good choice for singles.

7. L’oreal Silkissime – 9.49 Pencil Eyeliner / Maybelline Master Precise – 8.49

The Silkissime is great for waterline (PS: Emily Noel APPROVED) and the Maybelline is great for that sharp wing

8. Lash Sensational Mascara/ L’oreal Carbon Black – 8.99

I love the curvy wand of the Lash Sensational and the dense of Loreal one for more volume and dramatic effect

PS: i think drugstore mascara are better than high end one, Maybelline has the best choice 😉



9. Maybelline Lipstick – 7.49

Maybelline has one of the best lipstick choice at the drugstore. Be it the type of lipstick (classic bullet or liquid), color, pigmentation and formula. If you’re a fan of liquid lipstick, Wet n Wild Catsuit is a great option. But if you’re picky like me, and doesn’t like the drying feel on the lips, L’oreal Infallible Lip Paints is a much more comfortable choice.


  1. Mario Badescu setting spray (rose) – 12.00

This spray works really well for skin prep, to set the makeup to make it stay put. Smells really good too. A recent choice that’s also really great is the Milani Make It Last setting spray.

Total : $ 124.41

So, do you have these in your collection? or what will you suggest for creating a complete makeup kit? Let me know in the comments down below, or leave your idea on my Instagram and Twitter

Stay tune for the “more fancy” version of this minimalist makeup kit 😀

Going Minimalist : Downsizing My Makeup Collection Part 2 – How?


Hey Guys!

Welcome to the second part of my attempt to go minimalist on my makeup collection. Today we’re gonna talk about how to do it, where to start and all that good stuff and the steps here are all based on my opinion, my way. If you have other ideas on how to do it, please share and let me know on the comment section below 😉

I am by no mean an expert on this minimalist lifestyle, but everybody gotta start somewhere aren’t they? So, let’s just say this is me sharing with you, from a friend to friends, on how I do this. Honestly I never thought that I will be able to do this myself ut I’m determined to do it. If you want to know why I want to downsize and somehow start to go minimalist on my makeup, go check out my previous post about it.

Now, without further due, let’s get into my “method” on how I downsize my makeup collection.

It’s all started with your mindset

Knowing what you want from what you have is the starting point. Yep, don’t ever doubt the power of your mind. Start to picture how and what you want your collection look like? Do you want it to be just essentials? basic stuff? or full glam room like your mini sephora or ulta at home?

If your head say that you can’t go minimalist, chance is you will keep saying you will go minimalist but  you will end up never gonna do it it. It’s because in your head you already know that it’s not possible and you won’t do it. On the other hand, if you picture to have a vanity with only 2 drawers in the vanity that can hold or your collection then it’s not hard for you to resist all that new stuff that’s running around your IG and YouTube feed 😉

The way I started this “attempt” is by putting this simple thought in my head : One, I know and fully realize my love for makeup is undeniably huge, Two, I accept that there is no way that I can live with only a tray of makeup goodies like a pro-minimalist. Last but not least, I accept the fact that eyeshadow palette is my weakness so it’s gonna be the part of my collection that will be “extra” but I also realize that I have to be able to control myself to be more selective when I’m buying new palette. I know it sounds crazy right now, but once we get to the second step it will be more clearer.

Get to know more on what you need

I know damn well that one, bright orange, neon pink and yellow eyeshadow is not gonna work on me, and two, I also very aware that I’m very aware of my skin texture that’s why I’m grateful that I’m not a highlighter fan, nor do I will look good with blinding highlight. From these two things, I already know that I won’t need that Natasha Denona sunset palette, doesn’t matter how pretty it looks because I won’t like how the colors look like on my skin tone. I will also do not the Tarte unicorn palette with shimmers in it because my slightly hooded eyes won’t be really able to show all those colors in it. Did I want them the first time I saw them? Sure I did, but once you know in deep what you need from makeup and what suits you best, it’s easier to talk yourself out of not to buy something.

Be more aware on your habit and preference when doing your  makeup. It took me a month to realize what look I really like, enjoy, and always come back to. Check your YouTube history of makeup tutorials you watch, believe it or not you will see a pattern there because you will search the look that you know you can imitate or you like. Let me know if you want me to discuss about my favorite YouTuber, I can definitely do that =D

Back to the makeup need, here is the epiphany I got after examining my makeup habit: I always go for a simple, fresh, occasionally soft smokey look for day time and smokey look with pop of colors or occasionally glam for night time or events (my YouTube history full of the word “fresh look, natural look, no makeup look. smokey eye, simple smokey eye, smokey eye with pop of colors )

It also very important and will help a lot if you know what look that suits your face , skin and eye color you have so you can sort out better on what you need on makeup. By knowing all that, not only it will help you choose and declutter the makeup easier, but also it will be very helpful for your makeup application and make sure that doesn’t matter what you choose to put on it will always look good on you.

The next part is to sort out what you have in your current collection, keep what you need and you know it will work well on you and let go all the things that, again, you already know it won’t look good on you and you never reach for God knows how long. There’s better home for that “untouchable” items, or if it’s waaaay too old then time to throw it away.

I believe that more often than not, you will already have what you need and probably more than one too. Whether you realize it or not, everybody have a type so it’s not surprising that you will have the same color lipsticks (obviously or eyeshadow over and over again because unconsciously people tend to gravitate toward something that is strongly influenced by their preference

Keep What Makes You Comfortable

This is more than just how a product feel on you, but also the number of product you want to keep. If you don’t feel comfortable to have only 1 eyeliner at a time, don’t feel guilty to have a backup (or two) or other options, but definitely it’s not necessary to have 5 black eyeliners right?

For me, it’s very highly unlikely that you will see me in full coverage, full glam makeup with bright eyes and falsies because one, I don’t like how full coverage foundation feel on my skin, two, I don’t like falsies, and three all those things mentioned are not things that I’m comfortable with. So why bother to have those items that I know I won’t enjoy using and probably will never use? On the other hand, I won’t be able to stop thinking about the new eyeshadow palettes which are going to be launched the upcoming months and it’s gonna be a lie if I say that I’m not interested at all. The fact that I have, let’s just say more than I actually need palettes in my collection doesn’t make me feel guilty if I buy more. Again, minimalism or minimalist is not about number, but about enjoying what you have and focusing on what’s important so you can feel happy

Take it Easy on Your Heart

By know y’all probably already know that I’m a proud eyeshadow palette collector (who am I kidding? yes, I am a hoarder) and lipsticks. There’s nothing that can stop me from collecting palettes but now I’m being more selective and really examine the shades in the palette that I’m going to buy. It’s easier for me know to not buying palettes, doesn’t matter how “hype” it is. If I see that the shades are not what I will use a lot, I won’t buy it. Watch some Anti Haul video also helps me to rationalize my choice 😉 All hail Kimberly Clark, the fairy godmother of Anti Haul!

Being happy and being able to enjoy the items you have is the key in being minimalist (at least this is what I learn from the other people who already do this) I’m happy with my collection and I have let some items go too. I also love my lippies collection even though my husband say they look all the same color  but hey, I like having 10 nude pink lipstick and lipgloss and enjoying 12coral brown lip color

Shop your Stash

This is something that I already start before I choose to go minimalist. With the overwhelming makeup launch every day (yes, you know what I’m talking about) it’s very important to know what you already have and again, what you enjoy to use. Shop your stash is basically looking at your collection, closely, and compare that to the new launch. This “shopping” activity will remind you on what you already have and whether or not this item still excite you.

It’s very unlikely that you find me drooling over the launch of new highlighters, because basically I’m not a big fan of highlighter and I’m happy with the highlighters that I have now. But hey, the new naked heat palette doesn’t excite me much either cause I know it won’t bring out the heat in me 😉 Do I have highlighter? Yes I do. Did that Naked Heat palette attract me? Yes it did, but I do already have similar color in my collection and it’s not my regular cup of tea so i’m not bothered 😉

At the end of the day, start at the stage where you feel you’re most comfortable with. If you’re happy that you have mini Sephora at your home, embrace it. You can probably use this method for your clothing item, or kitchen stuff.

If you enjoy this series, stay alert for the last part on what item that I minimize the most. Hit that follow and like button, and don’t hesitate to stalk me on social media

Peace Out!

Going Minimalist : Downsizing My Makeup Collection Part 1 – Why?


Hey Guys, so so sorry for being MiA.

No excuse,just being uninspired and not really buying a lot of makeup to review lately 😉 Long story short, May as a no buy month was a great success 🙂

Anyway, since I’m in the middle of moving to a new house in the next few weeks, I have to start to pack up my makeup carefully, and like it or not I have to choose which one that I really need and which one that I can pack up first. While I was doing it, I also think why not decluttering it and downsizing my collection all at once. I watched many videos about minimalism and I found it interesting and I have started to apply it on my wardrobe first. Now, here I am bringing that minimalist idea to my makeup collection

Let me know in the comment section if you want to see the minimalist series that is not only on makeup department.

Alright then, let’s get into why I decided to minimize my makeup collection

  1. Practicality

These are 3 questions that I asked myself when I start to think about downsizing

  • How long do I actually need to put makeup on?
  • How long do I want to spend time doing my makeup?
  • How long from that required time that you actually use to think and choose what color or what product that you want to use?

Let’s be honest, most likely you will keep most of the product on you use on daily basis on the top of the vanity desk or the drawer that you will definitely open every day for easy access. Hence the beauty gurus or influencer have their everyday drawer or product they used the most, or whatever that sophisticated glam term it may be 😉 It is also most likely (if not always) you will tend to grab what’s already on your desk and most definitely what’s on your desk is all that you need, because it’s just more practical, simple and easy that way.

Practicality and simplicity are something that I really enjoy in my daily life (hence my Husband calls me simple-minded or over simplicity often) and Girls, do I love being simple. Who wouldn’t like to be able to look put together and without caking up the face all the time? Psst, 5 minute makeup look or no makeup look videos are still the most popular and most searched in YouTube 😉

Well, by having less products in the collection makes it more practical, easier and faster to do your makeup. You don’t have to spend time to think what to use, what to choose from your items and you know what makeup look that you like for everyday basis. After all, it’s not like we put full face cut crease, bright eyeshadow, sharp dramatic wing liner everyday right?

  1. Expiration Date

How many of us that can proudly say that we use up all of makeup product that we have, and only throw it away because the container is really empty? Or  do we throw product away because we don’t remember when did we buy it or how long has it been sitting in our drawer, untouched for a long time? I know I’m guilty for this more often than I like to admit.

We all know that makeup products have limitation on their glory days, so why piling up stuff that you know yourself won’t be able to use it? Either it’s because it’s a wrong shade of foundation or the lipsticks that you know damn well you will only use it once or twice a year. Instead of letting many product going expired unused, why not use up several product that you know you will enjoy using and looking good when you putting it on.

  1. Basic Purpose

Knowing what’s the purpose of putting makeup on and the purpose of each product you have is definitely very important. This is the most fundamental and the basic idea of why I decide to downsize my collection. I look back to the basic purpose of makeup for me. I use makeup to make myself feel good, look good and sometimes I use it to express my “artsy” side and last but not least, I love to see a pretty corner in my bedroom with items that I love to look at and enjoy using. So when that corner is no longer pretty to look at, and it starts to create a pile of clutter and look too packed and crowded for my liking, that’s when I know that I need to downsize them.

If you’re a makeup artist or beauty influencer, it’s understandable that makeup has other purpose than just to make you feel good or look good. As a makeup artist, you will need a lot of products for your option to put on clients and of course, you will also have the place to put and organize your makeup in, instead of letting those pretty stuff lying around everywhere. On the other hand, if you’re just a regular makeup user with some (I dare not to say a little, cause that will be a lie) obsession to makeup 😉 like myself, I don’t think all people need beauty room or glam room that take up a whole room to itself. I remember one time My Mom saw my collection and what she said was “How many pairs of eyes you have that makes you need (at that time) 17 eyeshadow palettes?” and of course I could only grin at her LoL..

Well, If you do have that glam room, and feel the need to have that and happy with it, by all means, enjoy what you have and what you like. Like Jaclyn Hill said, you do you, Boo. For me, and maybe mostly the other regular makeup users, we probably have a vanity desk and a little storage for makeup items that we don’t use everyday. Instead of going crazy to get that white Ikea drawer to fill up, why not thinking to get makeup based on what fit in the storage that you already have? If it fits before, why not keeping it that way?

  1. Skin Health

The less product you have means that you will have product that you know it will work for your skin and suits your skin best. The more often we change product on our face, we have to be ready with the consequences whether it’s gonna work good or it’s gonna break us out, and let’s not forget that our skin need time to adjust every time with new product that we try on.

By going minimalist, now that I know exactly what products that I have, I know what problems that might come with the product I have and how to handle it easily. For example, by only having smaller collection of foundations I know which one that I want to use for sheer coverage or which one I should get when I want a little fuller coverage.

Going minimalist also makes me focus more on how to keep my skin on its A game. Having less product and personally I tend gravitate towards lightweight item, makes me have less skin problem. Having good solid skincare for me is more pleasing now because it makes it easier to apply my makeup and to be honest, less product needed too

All in all, going minimalist is a concept to make our life easier and happier. It’s also a better of personal choice. If by having a room full of makeup it makes you happy then enjoy it! But if you start to feel that makeup take over your space or even your life (cause you know there are people feel this way out there) then try downsize it, choose what you like, what make you happy and enjoy.

I am by no means is a total minimalist in term of the amount of what I have right now, but at least it’s not the amount that makes me think that my collection is getting out of hand. Stay tune for more discussion about this minimizing makeup series.

Please feel free to share your thought on the comment section below, like this post if you enjoy it and I beg you please stalk me on Instagram or Twitter 😉

Peace Out!