For you who follow me on Instagram, you know I just made some damage today because somehow my TooFaced 40% discount still attached to my cart and I just can’t hold myself to grab a little something, plus I still have 20% off code too so I got about 60% discount from my purchase ($109 total, and paid $47 yay!)

If this makeup shopping is my new year resolution, I am already failed miserably in this first week of January (so much for self control, wants vs needs – wants always win btw) I wish I can say that I want to stop buying makeup in 2017 but I don’t think it will last long so I will help myself to fulfill my own resolution easier.

Here are the stuffs that I will try not to buy again next year (keyword, TRY)

1. Drugstore Eye shadow (single, quad, palette) and High end eyeshadow (single)

I just recently do a mini declutter on my eyeshadow collection and turn out I have too many palette already (yeah, right! Judging from my recent purchase I don’t believe in myself for saying this) Long story short, single eyeshadows were all given away to some friends because I have those colors in my eyeshadow palette, so does the quads, and some palettes from drugstore. It’s not that they are not good but I just try not to have too many same colors all over the place. Besides, knowing me, I always reach out to certain colors only so gotta use up what I have right now.

PS: Let me know if you guys want to know in-depth discussion about eyeshadow collection, or how I choose my eyeshadow palette)

2. Colourful eyeshadow

After the damage was done last year with Kat Von D Metal Matte and Urban Decay Full Spectrum (which I will ended up return it), I believe I have more than enough color in eyeshadow to play with. So no more unicorn color, or rainbow color excuses for me. I will try to be more selective and do a thorough color analysis before buying any new palettes.

3. Matte Liquid lipstick

The reason for this is as simple as I’m a conventional girl when it comes to lip products. I will stick to use lip balm, lip liner, lipstick and lip gloss. I have tried several liquid lipsticks. Some are OK-ish some are just terrible. You guys know my hate-love relationship with colourpop. (Find out more here) Matte liquid lipsticks are just too dry for my preference and I don’t feel comfortable wearing it. Basically, I’m not a fan of matte lipstick (conventional or liquid) but there are more “tolerable” options for me in the conventional line than the liquid one. Some of the matte liquid lipstick that I can tolerate is Nyx Soft Matte Lip Cream, Too Faced Melted Matte. I tried Maybelline, Revlon, and Colourpop last year. Maybe I just haven’t found the right matte liquid lipstick for me, but I’m pretty happy with the “normal” lipstick which is also more fun to collect because the packaging has more variation.

4. Highlighter

In the world full of glowy face, glow kit, blinding highlight, I’m pretty blessed with my natural glow (thanks to my oily skin) so I don’t feel the need to add more glow on my face. I’m pretty satisfied with Bobbi Brown shimmer brick and Wet n Wild megaglo highlight that I currently have and they don’t seem to be out a whole lot anyway. I have to used them up before I consider another highlight kit.

This list seems to be short, but I know in my heart that this isn’t as easy as it’s listed. The temptation from drugstore makeup is just irresistible. Affordable, easy to get, and almost every week you can see them displayed when you do your grocery shopping.

Hope you all have more self-control when it comes to makeup than I do!!